Living Between the Beats of the Rhythm of the City

What gets me through urban living is finding quiet spaces to relax in late at night. Our work schedule allows my wife and I to take advantage of the wonderful amenities at our condo during the off-peak hours. We first saw the condo we bought at the website. We have lived here in Singapore now for a number of years, and this is our second condo. We like it a whole lot. On the 23rd level of the North Tower that we live in is the Sky Aqua center. It has a large rectangular swimming pool that is at the edge of one side of the tower. It offers amazing views day or night.

We go for a swim late at night when most of the rest of the people are asleep. We enjoy the quiet and solitude. Even the urban streets below are much quieter than they are during the day. Every urban place has a rhythm, and we have found our own beat that exists between the beats that everyone else seems to march to. Our condo is brand new and decked out will new appliances and everything is just so shiny and perfect. I grew up living in apartments that were not what you would call top-notch. The New Futura is a palace to me.

We use the gym and the pools during off-peak times. Every once in a while we encounter someone else who is making a late night of things or someone who may have a touch of insomnia looking to relax a little. Other than that, it is like we have the entire North Tower amenities of the New Futura to ourselves. It really helps us to recharge and be primed to face our work days. I would have never pictured myself living in a city when I was a child. I probably couldn’t if we did not have our quiet moments late at night when others are sleeping.