Reliable Repair Service….and Honest Too!

Thanks to spending time online looking for ac repair in Brandon, MS, I finally found a reliable company that cares about its customers. That’s amazing to this old lady because I’ve had at least four companies out here over the last three years looking at my decrepit unit and all of them promised to do a great job. None of them fixed the problem. When the summer came around again, the unit would stop working and then the process would play out again. Talk about frustrating. I’ve half a mind to just go ahead and replace it, but money is tight.

I finally found an honest company and they came out right away. They took the time to explain what happened and got the unit to fire up right away. I could tell just by listening to it because it roared to life and ran like it did when it was new. That hasn’t happened in years, maybe a couple of decades. I was so happy I almost kissed the repairman! Now I didn’t have to worry about suffering through another summer with all the worries about the unit going out while we roasted inside the house.

I think the problem is that I’m an older woman and we all know how that goes. People take advantage of you when it comes to machines. I’ve had the same problems with the car. I take it in to the shop and they start adding up all these charges. All I needed was a new battery and they’re trying to tell me I need a new radiator. The same stuff happened with the air conditioner. I’m so happy I finally found an honest company that seems dedicated to doing good and honest repair work. I’m hoping to get another few years out of the unit.