Add Charm And Flair To Any Space With Steel Sucker Rods

It can be a challenge to locate unique and rare items to decorate a home. Anyone can order items directly from the internet, but more and more homeowners are choosing to obtain a unique look and use unusual materials to achieve the desired outcome. One of the most popular materials used in home decorating today is steel sucker rods. While they were initially created to be used in oil fields, and act as a point of release for oil wells, they are now used in residential applications and can provide a rustic and artsy look that is both unique and designed to last. Here are just a few ways individuals are utilizing them to add style and flair to their home.

Curtain Rods

Standard curtain rods can be simple, and most are constructed of cheap metal that is likely to bend and break. Most homeowners become frustrated when they are limited to the small stock of items available from their local hardware store, but now have the option of creating their own from quality steel sucker rods. Not only do they provide a custom appearance, but they can be cut to any length, which allows them to fit any window.

Yarn Spools

Individuals who knit or crochet are always looking for creative ways to store their stash of yarn. Typical storage options can be expensive, which has forced more and more crafters to get creative with storing skeins. Steel sucker rods cut in short lengths can be inserted into the middle of a skein and then placed on a peg board or hung from a wall, which makes the various skeins easily visible and accessible.

Shelving Systems

Most commercially available shelving systems are made from cheap materials and aren’t designed to hold much weight. Homeowners are now taking a different approach and mounting sucker rods to a wall and then placing a decorative piece of wood on top. This creates a shelf capable of withstanding a significant amount of weight while adding character and charm to any room. Don’t settle for generic shelves, when sucker rods can be an inexpensive and quality option.

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