I Love Listening to Music

Music has a way of making life much more tolerable for me. I suffer with social anxiety, which can make life difficult at times since I cannot stay in my house 24/7. I am on medication for it, and I do venture out at times. For the most part though, I stay at home. I have a job I work online, and I have a lot of things delivered. I enjoy watching TV, but listening to music is where my passion really lies. I found a site that has free songs download capabilities, and it really does feel like I have hit the lottery with it.

When I say music plays such a large role in my life, that is not an exaggeration at all. It brings such a peace to me, and I find myself listening to music when I do just about anything other than when I am watching TV. The funny thing is, I usually watch shows about music or reality shows that deal with music. When I found this website that has all the free downloads, I spent so much time there the first few days. I was able to download some favorites that I did not have, but it was the music I was not familiar with that really amazed me the most.

The majority of the music there was new to me because it was not the music that I generally listen to. I was able to listen to the different songs there though, and I felt such a connection with a lot of them. I downloaded at least 30 songs that first day, and so many more on the days that followed. I go there every day still because I still have not explored the entire site, so it is like Christmas every day for me right now.