Everyone is Safe and Back Home

It was really scary for a little bit and I sent Jennifer out ahead of me with the kids and the dog. I stayed back and loaded all of the most important stuff into the pick up truck and a landscaping trailer I borrowed. The fire was moving quickly and I thought that I was really pressing my luck for a bit, it was really hard to breathe too. At any rate the fire spared us in the end and at last the winds died so that the firefighters could control it. A chiropractors in Concord CA had to work on my back after things settled down. Of course I was working fast and there was no one there to help me. At one point I lost my balance momentarily and that caused me to twist my back. It hurt a good deal, but I was thinking about how the family would get on without me if I stayed around and got burned up. So I had no real time to be in pain.

At any rate I was so jacked up on adrenalin that the pain was not a factor at first. I was driving really close to the fire, wearing a mask and I was not going to stop for anything. As they say when you are driving through hell, keep going. It was all a bit of unnecessary drama to be honest, because the fire turned and burned up some other person’s stuff instead of ours. However it seems as though some brave thieves had the nerve to go in there and break into my neighbor’s house. At any rate I was sleeping on my cousin’s floor that night and it really caught up to me. I am really afraid of pain pills, so I knew I had to get it fixed.