Getting the Numbers I Need

I created a website to sell custom made action figures by order. I learned how to make action figures by taking apart my own and mixing the parts together. I wanted to buy some machines that would make it easier to make the action figures, but I didn’t have the money. A local businessman who is also a friend gave me an interesting proposal to get the money. If I could prove to him that my website would generate enough traffic on a regular basis, he would give me the money I needed. Algorhythm SEO was one of the first thoughts I had to make this happen.

I had heard about the SEO company before from people who were having a conversation in passing. They were talking about using it for search engine rankings, and it hit me. If it could be used for that, then it could also be used to get the numbers I needed for the local businessman to give me the money for the machines. I had nothing else to lose by trying it, so I sent an email to the company and arranged for them to use their services to get me higher on the rankings.

The company came through for me, and my rankings increased. The higher ranking turned out to be a big success for my website, because more people came to see it and order action figures for me. The local business man saw this and agreed to give me the money. I ordered the machines I needed and started producing more action figures at a faster rate. I can make more complex action figures than I could before. I can even scan objects into my computer to make models and then print them out using a printer. It makes some really neat items.