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Various Sources of News Today

It is a fact that in the past years, we relied mainly on newspapers, television and neighbourhood gossips to know about what is trending now in the news both domestic and international. But since the coming in of the internet, these past sources are slowly fading in trend and are no longer the primary sources of news and other information. It is fair to say that practically all people who have access to the internet are turning to this method on keeping themselves informed, and they go to various sites to be regularly tuned to the news. Because of this, many kinds of platforms are also developed to offer these trending news in these different formats.

These various sites offer a very different format as compared to the traditional mode which were objective and straight to the point. These sites nowadays are more opinion-related in the way they offer their articles and news. Today’s sites offer an informative yet entertaining presentation of news and information. Some famous websites are changing the way we view the news since they integrate information of our daily lives in an easy way.

We are now in the habit of checking out the news while surfing our social media, and we look at a friend’s profile to know about the latest gossip or news. Today, we have learned to accept trending news sources coming from social media, when in the past we were very critical as to the reputation of the source.

The practice before was if we read in the newspaper something to be complained about, we have to file a disagreement about it and hope it would be published or read. Now, whenever we hear on television or read in the newspaper some information that we disagree or even agree, a mere click of a button on our computer can create a viral statement that everybody can read. The emergence of several social media platforms have allowed us to know easily the opinions of other people and can provide us with several viewpoints. Our thoughts today are lead to be more streamlined because of the different networking sites that can structure our communication in an effective manner.

News in the past decades were transmitted through some national newspapers and with the coming in of cable powerhouses, until today when an even more powerful means has taken over the news and this is through the internet.

It is undeniable that the internet has several advantages, such as its unlimited number of citizen reporters, it is instantaneous, and it is spreading widely in all cultures.

Noteworthy to mention also that news dissemination are also done through texting and social networks thus making the speed of the news cycle faster than the traditional news sources. Bloggers are coming out today who are breaking top news that make them direct competition of the traditional media sources.

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