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What are the Features That Make Office Phones Tick? IP communications advancements have made it feasible for office telephone systems to enable a board range of services very affordably. A VoIP phone in UAE is not about just making and receiving calls–it introduces a level of integration with computer systems and the internet that supports much more business communication requirements. Nonetheless, your office phone system should boast the right capabilities to support your business communication requirements. Internet Capabilities It’s important for your office telephone system to have capabilities to convey Internet-based communications. This should be a VoIP phone that enables the transmission of data in the form of voice and video across the web. Many benefits of the best office phone systems are linked to their Internet capabilities.
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The ability to integrate your phone system with your computer system is very vital for the office. With that capability, your customer care agents can easily pull up caller information while simultaneously talking to them, and helping them. All other communications relying on your computer-integrated office phone system can conveniently be organized in any way that you prefer. The Conferencing Capacities The capability to conference is supported by IP telephone system. This feature makes it possible for multiple persons to participate in a telephone conversation. Thanks to a VoIP communication system, it is possible to have video or voice telephone conferences. These meetings can take place within the same office or externally, involving participants from various physical locations. The maximum number of participants is determined by conferencing capabilities of an individual phone brand or model. Call Records If you want the capability to record calls, choose a VoIP phone in UAE that has it. An example of application of this capacity is like when you wish to record phone conversations between your support employees and customers for purposes of enhancing quality. Call Filtering With call screening, you have a say over what to do with incoming calls. If the receptionist is very busy, this feature lets them decide whether to accept, decline, or reroute to voicemail an inbound call based on the caller ID. You may leverage this feature to accept calls depending on a certain order of preference, such as prioritizing new callers or loyal customers. Forwarding Calls The most reliable business phone system is able to support call forwarding to any available numbers, such as your cell phone and home phone. This will make sure that important calls, whether from customers or other employees, are not missed. If you plan on getting a viable VoIP phone in UAE for business application, be sure it has all the above capabilities to optimally serve your communication interests.